FPV GT Range Brisbane
FPV GT Brisbane
FPV GTP Brisbane
FPV GTE Brisbane
Since 1967 the GT has been the benchmark in Australian high performance cars. Evolving from V8 interceptors produced for Australian police forces to the series production race- cars of the seventies, through to today's fire-breathing supercharged muscle cars, the GT will always be the machine Australians dream of owning and driving.
FPV GS Range Brisbane
FPV GS Brisbane
FPV GS Ute Brisbane
GS Ute
It's over forty years since the GS made its debut at the height of the muscle car era. Today's version delivers an incredible supercharged performance package at an affordable price. In terms of 'bang for bucks' the GS is unbeatable.
FPV F6 Range Brisbane
FPV F6 Brisbane
FPV F6E Brisbane
FPV F6 Ute Brisbane
F6 Ute
Top Gear hailed it as 'the best sports sedan in the world under $100,000' and we can only agree. Its epic performance and nimble handling simply make most European hot sedans look overpriced and limp wristed.